Sisters for Justice (S4J) is a women led organisation working to empower and promote women’s rights and those of their children

About us

Naila Abdallah Mohamed, Founder and Executive Director at Sisters for Justice, a youth women-led organization which is working in promoting and protecting women’s rights and those of their children. An individual who has passion for human rights work, community empowerment, rule of law and justice. Besides being a HRD she is also a mother of one and a mentor of many young women in her locality.
As a Muslim woman she seek to change the narrative and break the cultural barriers that deny Muslims women opportunities to meaningfully participate in development process to improve their well being. She is also a professional trained in business management with a diploma in the same, a paralegal by training and currently pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies. Through her passion in defending women’s rights and issues affecting women such as gender based violence, extra judicial killing, violent extremism, forced disappearances and other human violations in the society, passion drove her to become a human rights defender.
She is an award-winning Human Rights defender having been nominated and winning the upcoming Human Rights Defender of the year 2020.
Naila Abdallah

Founder, Sisters for Justice

  1. To advocate for women’s rights and the rights of their children

  2. To cultivate a culture that respects women and their contribution to society

  3. To support women’s participation in development issues;

  4. To support the economic, social and political empowerment for women of Kenya.

  5. Provide legal aid
  6. Psychosocial support
  7. Conduct community baraza
  8. Rapid response when human rights incidents occurs