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About Sisters for Justice

Sisters for Justice (s4j)

Sisters for Justice (S4J) is a women organisation working to empower and promote women’s rights and those of their children. The organisation aims to improve gender equity and eradication of all forms of discrimination against women and children. Through empowering women, S4J seeks to raise their awareness and mobilize them to participe in fighting for their social, economical and political rights with the intention of enhancing their access to justice and improve their well-being as well as raise their standards of living. S4J was formed in July 2016 and has come out strongly in the quest for women’s rights and protection of their constitutional freedoms and liberties.

Our vision is to see women actively engaged and
fully participating in all matters that affect them, their children and
their communities.
To advocate for gender equity through enhanced access to resources,
enjoyment of constitutional rights and improved livelihoods by women
and children of Kenya.
To enhance gender parity through improved access to social,
economic and political development processes by
women of Kenya.